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Debbie Blauss-Yoga and Reiki

About the Practitioner

Debbie Blauss is a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. She took her first Reiki class in 1996 and has been learning and practicing the healing arts ever since. She is a certified reflexologist and yoga instructor and has also studied yoga therapy, shiatsu/meridian massage and tui na. She enjoys working with tuning forks and other methods to help open your chakras and clear your energy blockages. She will be happy to work on a physical level, an energetic level or a combination of both.  If you are serious about your healing,  please consider scheduling  an appointment.

Debbie's Reiki training was done with John Harvey Gray, one of the first Reiki Masters in this country. It was an in-depth program that required far more hours of training and practice than most programs.

Debbie's Yoga training was begun at Finding Inner Peace and continued with many other teachers. She has special training in Meridian Yoga and bodywork as well as other styles.

Debbie's Reflexology training was done with The International Institute of Reflexology, a highly respected organization based in FL who's founder was the originator of modern reflexology.

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